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Clean 9 Cleanse: Opening the Box The First Two Days

Forever Living Clean 9

Last year I started to tell you how my daughter & I discovered the Forever Living Clean 9 box of tricks but I didn’t tell you how we got on …

In each of our shiny new Forever Living Clean 9 box was everything we needed to complete our 9 day cleanse and all put together in a simple straightforward way.

Box Contained:

All the daily supplements were divided into blister packs under the headings of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This made it easy to take the relevant sections with us when we were out and about.

Forever Living Clean 9

The comprehensive booklet contained everything we needed to know from a ‘free foods’ list to recipe ideas for days 3 – 9 as well as the all-important progress section for recording our results on days 3, 6 and 9.

Because we were both doing the Clean 9 cleanse together we ordered one chocolate and one vanilla Forever Lite Ultra shake powder so we could experiment with the flavours. These shake powders come in re-sealable pouches.

There was a handy 60 ml measuring cup for taking the Forever Aloe Vera Gel and also the very important tape measure (no excuses allowed it seems) and lastly a screw-top beaker with a detachable small section for carrying the Forever Ultra Lite powder separately. A simple but clever idea: You can take the liquid and powder separately and combine as and when you want to or perhaps take the shake ready-made and use the screw top section for a few free-food nibbles.

Having stocked up on some of the long list of ‘free foods’ available on the Clean 9 that we both liked, we followed the instructions on measuring and weighing and to give ourselves an even bigger incentive we took photographs of each other in swimsuits.

Yes, I know, many of you are now curious to see how fat we were but sorry, you’ll just have to take my word for it – not a pretty sight and definitely not for public consumption!

I learnt a glaringly obvious (but denied) truth that day of just how much weight had crept up on me and where it had decided to settle itself but until my daughter took the non staged, straightforward, ‘warts and all’ photo’s I had somehow managed not to notice. If I can recommend one incentive – that’s the one – front, side and back – no cute poses – enough said!

So feeling excited, weighed, measured and stocked up there was nothing left but to get on with it.

I will admit that the first day was a bit of a shock as the realities of our ‘meals’ dawned on us.


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel with 250ml water

1 x Forever Therm tablet

30 minutes low-intensity exercise

Nothing too strenuous – a brisk walk is fine.


1 x packet Forever Fiber mixed with water (actually tasted a bit like Maltesers but perhaps that was wishful thinking)


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

120 ml Aloe Vera Gel

1 x Forever Therm Tablet

1 x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra powder mixed with skimmed, almond, coconut milk or similar – Hooray food – of sorts!


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel with 250ml water


120ml Aloe Vera Gel with 250ml water.

In fairness between these ‘meals’ we were allowed to eat any of the ‘free foods’ – there are sixteen fruits and twenty different vegetables to choose from so really not too much deprivation, BUT we didn’t on that first day. I think we were terrified of eating anything and spoiling the results.

The first day flew by. We were very buoyed up with anticipation and with the novelty of taking the Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera drinking gel

The second morning we were surprised not to be climbing the wall with hunger and felt o.k. - but - the novelty of taking the Aloe Vera gel was wearing off and we both groaned at the prospect of taking so much again on day two.

By mid morning I had a headache and felt a bit queasy but had been told that this might happen – quite common - detoxing side effects – par for the course. I wandered into the kitchen to find my daughter munching happily on a few raw Sugar snap peas.

“These are great”, she said, “Go on - you’ll love them”.

I wasn’t convinced but was hungry and feeling fed up.

They were F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! ... Sweet, crunchy and juicy: Our taste buds went into overdrive.

Sugar snap peas had never tasted so good.

Mid afternoon we sat down and shared a punnet of strawberries – yes, a whole punnet and once again a taste sensation. Usually I like a sprinkling of caster sugar over my strawberries and rarely say no to a dollop of cream but those strawberries on that particular day of our Forever Living Clean 9 cleanse were some of the most flavoursome and intensely sweet strawberries that I’ve ever eaten.

Forever Living FIT Clean 9

By the evening we were both feeling tired and fed up of taking so much Aloe Vera Gel and very much looking forward to the following day when we could plan our 600-calorie suppers for days 3-9.

However another thought had crept into our minds as we went to bed: Day three – first weigh-in and measurement day. Would we see any change?

Should we have eaten those strawberries!!!

Next time – The weigh-in and first supper.

You can buy a Forever Living Clean 9 through our website

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