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Clean 9 Cleanse: The Weigh-in & First Supper

Day 3 of my Clean 9 Cleanse and a change of routine – all eyes excitedly devouring the booklet – a new meal planner – breakfast, lunch AND a 600-calorie supper permitted for the rest of the Clean 9 cleanse.

Forever Garcinia Plus Soft Gels

How spoilt were we!

I think I should mention at this point some of the details of taking the supplements as, personally, I have always found it quite hard to swallow tablets and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels are quite large. They remind me of baby zeppelin planes but have no fear because if you bite them they will split open and you can suck out the Garcinia and dispose of the shell. It’s only the content you want – the shell is made of gelatin so for anyone who objects to eating gelatin this is ideal.

The Forever Therm tablet is a smaller lozenge shape tablet that is swallowable (strange word) but again for those who find difficulty in swallowing, these can be chopped in half.

The other supplement is the Forever Fiber powder, supplied in a handy sachet, ready to be mixed with a little water. I found that it doesn’t mix very well if you empty it into too much water. Has a slightly ‘malty’ flavour, hence my reference, I suppose, to Maltesers.

The Forever Lite Ultra shakes are fantastic. There is no nasty ‘after taste’ or grainy texture: the chocolate one tastes chocolaty and the vanilla one tastes of rich vanilla. The first two days we alternated between mixing them with almond milk and coconut milk – both delicious but from the third day on we experimented with different fruit/milk combinations:

Forever Lite smoothies

The possibilities are endless but here are three that we enjoyed.

  • Strawberries and Cream

Vanilla Lite Ultra + Soya milk + Strawberries

  • Tropical Beach

Vanilla Lite Ultra + Coconut milk + Sliced Mango

  • Raspberry Chocolate Dream

Chocolate Lite Ultra + Almond Milk + Raspberries

The daily menu for the next six days: From Day 3 onwards you only take the Aloe Vera Gel in the morning.


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel with 250ml water

1 x Forever Therm tablet

1 x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra powder mixed with skimmed, almond, coconut milk or similar – Hooray – feels like breakfast!!

30 minutes moderate-intensity exercise


1 x packet Forever Fiber mixed with water


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

1 x Forever Therm Tablet

1 x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra powder mixed with skimmed, almond, coconut milk or similar – Hooray – lunch as well!!


2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels

600-calorie meal

Men can have up to 800-calorie meals


A minimum of 250ml water.

From Day 3 we’re allowed to swop the evening meal and the lunchtime shake if preferred.

So, with breakfast finished and with mixed feelings, I stepped onto the scales and peered hopefully down whilst the unblinking results stared dispassionately back at me… 3lbs DOWN!!

I was elated – just the morale booster I needed and I had lost 1/2 inch from my waist. My daughter had similar results.

Lots of self–congratulatory comments and backslapping, followed by deciding what we’d have for our first supper. In the end we plumped for oven baked salmon parcels with roasted red peppers and roasted sweet potato ‘chips’.

Now the surprising comment I have to make about day three is that although we had had a Forever Lite Ultra shake for BOTH breakfast and lunch we were still feeling hungry by mid afternoon but I suppose we hadn’t eaten much in the way of ‘free’ foods’ so maybe not so surprising but the afternoon really dragged for me. I felt lethargic and found myself clock watching – waiting for the magic hour when the kids would be tucked up in bed and we could sit down and eat real food.

Salmon Fillet Parcels as part of Clean 9 diet

I put the salmon fillets in tin foil parcels with lemon juice, low calorie soy sauce and a squirt of Agave syrup but you can use honey instead, they only take about twenty minutes and are absolutely delicious: The aroma of the salmon baking, together with the mixed peppers and sweet potato chips roasting in the oven was mouth watering.

We’d worked out we were well within our 600 calories and ate like kings – felt absolutely stuffed and very, very happy.

That night was the turning point. The rest of the Clean 9 cleanse was going to be a doddle!

Next time – 'In the Groove'

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