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A New Year – A New You. Or to put it another way… Who wants to be … Fab & F.I.T!

Aloe Forever provide Forever Living F15 and C9 Weight Loss & Fitness Programmes

With the coming of the New Year come all our New Year resolutions but most crash and burn within days; we know they will but we still make them anyway – it’s what we do!

We’ve over indulged (when did Christmas actually start and stop this year?) and now we’re bombarded with adverts for far-flung beach holidays and cruises.

The thought of exposing and displaying my gourmand Christmas makes me shudder – or more accurately, wobble with despair - but this year WILL be different because Forever Living have launched their new F.I.T. programme:

F.I.T. = Foundation, Inspiration Transformation.

Consisting of five stages – the C9, F15 (three levels) and Vital 5: All dove-tail with each other but, more importantly, individually stand alone as powerful aids to introducing, maintaining and furthering healthier lifestyles.

Forever Living C9

The C9Forever Living’s foundation programme hasn’t altered. It’s still the wonderful short nine-day, well-balanced programme. Designed to remove toxins whilst helping to jumpstart your metabolism – leading to a lighter, healthier and more energized you.

The next stage is the new F15: A new and unique, multi-level programme, enabling a personalized approach to looking and feeling better. There are three levels to the F15 – Beginner 1&2, Intermediate 1&2 and Advanced 1&2 :-

Forever Living F15 Beginner

FIT 15 Beginner 1&2 is perfect for anyone who is new to fitness and balanced nutrition. An introduction to basic fitness through easily adapted exercises - body weight workouts and basic cardio exercises that can easily be done in your own home or at the gym. There are easy-to-follow recipes, supplements, weight management products, and nutritional guidelines and life style tips; in fact, everything you need to create a good solid foundation.

Forever Living F15 Intermediate

FIT 15 Intermediate 1&2 is aimed at people who already exercise & eat healthily but who are looking to step up their exercise schedule & develop their nutritional knowledge. This course covers, FIT yoga, customized workouts, & interval training together with some of Forever Living’s best weight management supplements & new healthy recipe ideas. Together with suggestions on how to avoid cravings & improve sleep, this comprehensive approach will help burn excess fat and produce lean muscle.

Forever Living F15 Advanced

FIT Advanced 1&2 is for the very active who want a better, targeted approach to their personal fitness and nutritional goals. Improve muscle definition through specific cardio routines and workouts and learn which body type you are and how to tailor your nutrition by understanding nutrient timing.

The beauty of the F.I.T. F15 programme, it seems, is the versatility – the ability to jump in at a level that suits OUR own ability and fitness – and progress at our own pace.

So, there you have it – unfortunately we have no more excuses. With the F15 we can make the transition from couch potato to marathon runner in no time at all!

Aloe Vera Forever Living Weight Loss

You can order the full range of Forever Living aloe vera products through our webpage by visiting our online shop at

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