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Buzy as a Bee … Pollen

We always say, “Busy as a Bee” and for good reason ...

Stamina and Energy

Many athletes and active people take Forever Living Bee Pollen for stamina and energy whilst maintaining good health. Bee pollen is made by honeybees as a food source for young bees.

Bee Pollen is richer in protein than any other animal source: Packed full of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins C, D, E, K, as well as Vitamin A and B-complex - plus enzymes and co-enzymes, carbohydrates and plant- source fatty-acids plus 22 amino acids – eight of which are ‘essential’ amino acids that our bodies can’t manufacture.

Amazingly bee pollen contains more nutrients per calorie than any other nutritional supplement, making it one of the most ‘complete foods’ available.

With just the addition of fibre and water the human body could survive on bee pollen alone – quite an achievement and all this from the heroic efforts of the humble bee!

Forever Living Bee Pollen is a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement – easily absorbed by the human body - a huge energy booster and an aid to digestion.

Whole Body Benefits

A powerhouse of active ingredients, bee pollen has specific benefits:

  • May help to counteract the effects of preservatives and food additives by means of it’s rich cocktail of nutrients - correcting body chemistry.

  • Bee Pollen is naturally high in zinc and vitamin B6.

  • A very good supplement that may help to desensitize the body.

  • A ‘bacteriostatic’ – suppressing bacteria activity and increasing the elimination of waste and poisons from our bodies.

  • May help to improve the efficiency of the immune and nervous system.

Forever Bee Pollen available to buy online at

Excellent Supplement For Allergy Relief

Forever Living Bee Pollen may also help during the summer months when the pollen count is high because bee pollen reduces histamine in our bodies, making it a very helpful way to relieve allergies, asthma, sinus ailments and other respiratory problems. Having an anti-inflammatory effect also helps to calm autoimmune reactions. If using for allergies pelase always consult your doctor before taking.

Bee Pollen also contains lecithin, an essential fat found in all cells of the body and many foods such as eggs and soybeans. Lecithin is used in the treatment of memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

In plant reproduction pollen is the male fertilizing component and without pollen flowers, trees and plants couldn’t exist and we all depend upon it.

Forever living’s Bee Pollen is gathered in special stainless collectors, from the blanket of blossoms that grow on high remote regions. This ensures the Forever Bee Pollen is the freshest and most potent of natural foods, containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Because Forever Living Bee Pollen is a huge energy booster and aid to digestion many people find it very effective when dieting when taken as part of either the Clean 9 cleanse (instead of the Forever Living Therm tablets) or part of a healthy eating diet.

The list of benefits derived from this super-food seems to be endless with evidence suggesting that Bee pollen also helps restore ovarian function in women and reduce inflammation caused by benign prostate hyperplasia in men.

And lastly…regardless of gender, it’s supposedly an aphrodisiac!

As with any new supplement Forever Living suggests starting with ¼ tablet a day, gradually building up to taking one tablet three times a day. This is to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Most people don’t, but you should always be careful.

If you would like to purchase these tablets please click here that will take you straight through to the shop

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