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The Making of Your Forever Living Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

We are all familiar with the big yellow bottle but have you ever wondered what journey your Forever Living aloe vera drinking gel has travelled from field to your door?

The outer leaves of the aloe vera plant are harvested then pre-processed and stabilized by Aloe Vera of America at their facilty in Mission, Texas then delivered to Aloe Vera of America in Dallas. Here it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality. Now the real magic begins!

The Process

In the compounding area the gel is mixed with other ingredients to a strict formula producing the Forever Aloe Vera Gel. At this stage the quality control lab sample tests and evaluates the bulk product, then releases it for packaging. The Forever gel is fed directly via a dedicated transfer line into the packaging equipment from the mixing tanks that are specially designed to maintain product quality during movement.

The empty yellow Aloe Vera bottles are fed into an automated de-palletizer, systematically removing bottles from their storage. Each bottle is lot coded and given an expiry date to ensure they can be tracked wherever they are around the world. At this point all the information is mechanically checked on the bottles before rinsing and entering the filling station. The filler is housed in a HEPA filtered enclosure where all the bottles are filled and sealed. An automated system then checks the weight of each bottle.

From here the bottles travel through a cooling chamber before being capped by an automated capping system. Passing through an X-ray machine the bottles are fed directly into cases.

The weight of the cases are verified to ensure the correct number of bottles are enclosed and then the robotic pallet stacking arms place the cases onto pallets.


Samples of the final product are once again taken to the Quality Control Lab for a final release testing: then off for shipping to one of the many distribution centres. A total of 158 individual quality control tests have been performed during the course of production.

With state of the art equipment, rigorous processes and a highly trained and motivated workforce the production of Forever Aloe Vera gel has been perfected, maintaining the high quality that Forever are known for.

As well as the normal quality control procedures for each product Aloe Vera America has introduced extra steps from weighing each ingredient to adding them to mixing tanks - each are independently checked and verified.

The entire manufacturing process is strictly governed by approved, robust instructions: ensuring that all steps are meticulously followed and critical control points met, helping to ensure the consistency of Forever Living products.

So next time you uncap and pour your shot of Aloe Vera drinking Gel just think of the incredible journey your big yellow bottle has been on.

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