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Aloe Clean 9 - Starting my journey to FIT

I really didn’t want to do the Clean 9 or participate in healthy activities (quite happy, thank you, poodling about, promising myself that very soon I’d get it together and actually do something about loosing some weight & getting fit - but in the meantime I was far too busy etc etc…

Heard it all before – yes, of course you have!

I got conned into it really by my lovely daughter who had popped out in fairly quick succession a son & heir & a daughter to spare.

She’d put on an impressive two stone (12.7Kilo’s) that even with the help of a twice-weekly personal trainer – refused to budge.

The upshot was nearly a year after number two was born she was still two dress sizes bigger & worn out being a busy mum of two & fretting over why the weight wasn’t shifting.

Ok – I know during that time the odd cream tea & coffee walnut cake was inhaled with relish but overall she tried very hard.

Forever FIT Clean 9

Her personal trainer – a diminutive powerhouse – a lean, mean exercise machine – in reality a lovely, bubbly & encouraging woman, mentioned the Forever Clean 9: something she did, apparently, a couple of times a year to cleanse her system & increase her energy levels.

The Clean 9 cleanse, she suggested, may help to re-programme my daughter’s metabolism & kick-start her weight loss… so, in for a penny…

Now at this point my daughter is averagely healthy, non stop busy as all new mums are, tired to the point of exhaustion because neither baby nor toddler would play ball & sleep at night (or even part night) & two stone over weight - so very fed up, depressed and distressed.

Enter stage right Jessica, who appeared with this magical box of tricks called a Clean 9 – it was like Christmas Day!

Needless to say we wanted to own one of these large shiny boxes of hope, displaying honed & toned torsos - after all, these would be us in just nine days – marvelous!

With hope in her eyes, my daughter ordered one of these wonder boxes &, yes, to give her moral support, so did I.

Our journey had begun!

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